2021 Christmas May Not Be Pretty for The West Thanks to China

5 min readSep 29, 2021

In the latest count publicly available, some fifteen provinces in China are suffering from electricity shortages and blackouts. Many companies and factories have been asked to shutdown operations for many hours, and local cities are rationing their power.

Provinces affected by power outages in China

But why is China suddenly facing a power shortage?

The answer given by experts on news channels is that China has cut down on coal to reduce emissions. They claim the Chinese govt ordered coal power plants shut down to keep skies clear for the winter Olympics. And they say that China’s coal imports are down due to ongoing geopolitical disputes with Australia.

I think these are not the genuine reasons. They seem to be reasons manufactured by the Chinese communist party (CCP) and spread as propaganda planting it to these experts and China watchers to hide something more sinister in design.

Let’s understand one thing, if negative news is coming out of China, then most likely it is for some purpose useful to China. Or else the CCP will go to great lengths to hide the negative news. That’s why we never hear of crimes happening in China or any news of poverty like we do in other countries, even the mighty USA.

China has always produced more electricity than needed. And for the last 20 years, China has had no electricity shortage at all. In fact, it exports electricity to neighboring countries — some 21 billion Kilo Watt Hours of energy in 2018 alone. So this sudden news of electricity crunch is very surprising.

What could be the real reason?

I believe China wants to send out an economic contagion into the world. To make the world economies suffer after the Covid lock downs already weakened them. This is at a time when countries are printing money to keep their economies afloat. So China can use the opportunity to become world number one economically as US, EU and a dollar backed financial system take a fall.

This is very important for China, the CCP, and their leader. China has a goal, the CCP has an ambition, and Xi Jingping has a deadline — 2027. This is the year China will celebrate the 100th anniversary of founding of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). The PLA and CCP are two sides of the same coin. And this is also the year we can expect Xi Jinping to take retirement having extended his tenure indefinitely.

So China is racing against time to call itself a superpower at the ‘center of the world’ again. This is a long standing supremacist ambition of the country and the CCP— to beat the west and be the foremost superpower. And they are willing to go to any length for achieving this ambition. It is no more a secret that they want to use Taichi war, also called unrestricted war, to achieve this goal.

So I am speculating that China may be creating an artificial power crisis, debt crisis, container shortage crisis and trade crisis to hit the world economy and trade. Apart from a sudden power crisis that’s happening, they are hoarding thousands of shipping containers, so there’s a global shortage of containers. They are also investigating huge real estate companies for fraud and debt as if they didn’t know what was happening before.

A map showing piling up of container ships around Chinese ports (Map courtesy: eeSea)

The investigations into real estate and finance companies is again surprising. Every company in China that is over a certain size needs to have CCP members as board members. So the govt knows everything about every company — even private ones. It is impossible for Chinese authorities to not know about such toxic debt leverage these real estate developers have taken before. Even if they found out such issues only now, there’s no reason to let these big companies fail, causing a shock to their own economy and misery to millions of local investors.

If China is doing certain things by taking pain themselves, then there’s a purpose to it. So I believe this power crisis too is an excuse to stop their companies from manufacturing enough. Computer chips, auto parts, industrial goods are all now being halted in production. Even local companies believe they are being told to stop production because of a power crisis. But the govt may be manufacturing this crisis artificially.

So the world needs to brace for three things:

1) An economic contagion from China crashing our markets and financial systems. Stocks may crash and banks may fail due to this.

2) Shortage of food, goods and commodities that are coming from China and also other places, as there’s a container shortage being created.

3) Tremendous impact on computing industry and all industries reliant on chips, as electronics and other component manufacturing is getting hit by the manufacturing halts in China.

All these will lead to hyper inflation around the world and the value of currencies like the dollar may fall. Also, for an initial period, China will suffer economically just like how it suffered under Covid-19 initially. And that will be the time when a neighbour like India needs to beware. As the Chinese govt will want to divert attention of its people to some “foreign aggressor”.

China may launch border conflicts blaming India for it. I predicted such a conflict as soon as Covid hit China last year, and it happened by May. The CCP will use the conflict locally in propaganda to divert attention as they did in 2020.

Also, China can use such a border conflict as an excuse to wage cyber war on Indian power and banking systems affecting the Indian economy too —a resilient, self reliant economy that has the capacity to weather a global economic and trade contagion China may export.