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In a recent theosophical discussion with a Periava (elderly soul), I started getting impromptu verbal insights into the nature of philosophy, science, and religion. This has been happening often recently where my abstract mental visions and intuitions (Dhi) have condensed into words (Vak) as I get questioned on various subject matters by Periava. In this post, I am going to document the verbal insights I had on the nature of philosophy, religion, and science as I explained about the differences.

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If we go back in time, in some era, humans started questioning the world around them as they learned to…

When we hear the word Mesopotamia, we imagine deserts, camels, and an ancient civilization we have read about in history. Those who imagine with maps in their head, may vaguely see the region around present day Iraq. All this imagination is approximately correct about Mesopotamia.

To define it more accurately, it was a region and a civilization that existed between and around the two rivers of Euphrates and Tigris that almost run parallel through present day Iraq. …

Just kidding, but there’s something interesting out there.

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Recently, I had conversations with a friend who believe they are an alien. They even believe they came from the Proxima Centauri system.

While it has been fun playing along with that story, it surprised me to know they did not know about the news of an earth-like planet possibly harboring aliens in the Proxima system. I realized they weren’t telling their story knowing that news. And it rang some bells in my head.

That’s when I concluded my arm chair diagnosis of slight Autism (It’s most probably a case of mild Asperger Syndrome within ASD). Since, along with their…

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When I was in school, I learned about the mole. No, it is not the mole that we find on our skin or the animal that looks like a rat. This is the unit of measure in chemistry and equates to 6.022 x 10²³ — Just a large number with no units.

They taught it to me this way in my 9th standard I remember: A large number called the Avogadro number denotes the number of atoms in 12 grams of Carbon-12. And this number is equal to 6.022 x 10²³. …

Whenever someone pays you a compliment or offers love, you want to reject it thinking you are not worth it. If others admire you, you doubt their sincierity. You can’t love or be loved. If things are going well for you, you sabotage yourself.

You drive away people who want to be kind. You feel you are being mistreated by your friends, co-workers, and even shopkeepers. You feel like an imposter if you achieve something and others appreciate it. You just don’t think highly of yourself, and it is not modesty.

If some of these instances ring a bell in…

Chinese PLA soldiers came in large numbers towards Indian positions soon after the start of the pandemic. They stepped into disputed areas, picked up fights, and instigated India to war. Pic source: Newsroom Post

China let a devastating virus out into the world in 2020. You can explain the event whichever way you like — it came naturally from a wild animals market, it was a lab leak; They sent it out either in panic or on purpose. Whichever way you want to explain it, we cannot deny one thing: The culpability of the CCP and China in covering up the outbreak, then letting it out, and then again covering up the origins without proper investigation.

If only this virus had come out of India, and the same pandemic had happened crippling the world…

A Lorenz Attractor forms

We accept Hinduism as the oldest extant religion in the world today. It is also the third biggest with more than a billion followers. Yet, many, including my own friends who identify as Hindu, do not understand and appreciate Hinduism for what it is. In this article, I would like to explain Hinduism briefly from its philosophies to theology to its texts.

The first thing to understand about Hinduism is that it is not only a religion. I can explain this better using the example of Yoga. Many people first getting introduced to Yoga think it is only about holding…

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Gravity has been around as long as the Universe itself. But human consciousness has recognized it only for a minuscule period of time. Though humans may have recognized gravity as soon as our species evolved a million years ago, we have records of it dating back to only a few thousands years.

Here we look at how humans have understood and defined gravity through history, starting with the most recent definitions.

Einstein (1915): Sitting in his patent office at Bern in 1907, Albert Einstein imagined how a house painter would experience gravity if he fell off a roof. Such thought…

Indian States are floating tenders for vaccines globally. And some Indians immediately say "Oh nice Kejriwal is getting vaccines, Stalin is getting vaccines, Thackrey is getting vaccines”. These are the respective Indian state chief ministers who have floated such tenders.

But how are they going to get it? India is currently the largest producer of Covid vaccines in the World. And all other manufacturing countries like US, Russia, and EU are hands full by themselves. In fact, all of them want to manufacture in India as they do not have the capacity for the current global demand.

And I don’t…

A sequences of images of the star Sirius. Source: Amanda Cross

Twinkle Twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are

Different from those nearby
Like a sparkler in the sky

Red, green, blue, and white
Sparkling all through the night

They say it’s distortion of air
But I don’t think that’s fair

Stars like Vega and Antares
Alpha Centauri and Sirius

All of you so far apart
Yet sparkle a similar lot

I read all your fables
And made long tables

Found no numbers in common
But all covered by a cloud curtain

Filtering some of your light
Creating a show in the night

Twinkle Twinkle little star
I no more…


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