A Primer on Post Modernism and Critical Theory for Indians, Using An Anarchist Organization’s Article.

There’s no alternate version of the myth. This alternate version above is the myth.”

That was my exclamation on seeing this ridiculous article. The article was making Holi, one of the most celebrated festivals by Hindus of all castes and creed in the north of India, look like a casteist oppression festival. By making up new casteist myths about the myth behind Holi, the authors argued on how Holi should be attacked and dismantled.

In my view the article can be looked at in many ways. As a toolkit for anarchists to stir up protest over a festival. As an attack on our culture and heritage. As an attack on our economy by trying to limit a festival that generates millions of dollars in economic activity. But actually it is all of them. An attack on India itself, its identity, its culture, its customs, its festivals, its religion, its economy, and its government.

So who are these people and what are they trying to do? Basically, they are critical theorists, operated by anarchists, influenced by communists, and probably funded by geopolitical agents, linked to foundations whose main job is to stir up trouble and civil unrest in countries making their Govts weak — no matter left or right wing. And they invariably get hijacked by the biggest, smartest, and most influential communist operative in the world, the CCP to run its own agenda. They may not even know it.

With this, let me give you a small primer on critical theory based, communist infiltrated, national disintegration that’s happening. Woke, western influenced, post-modernist liberals are infiltrating Indian discourse and changing narratives to suit their needs. And if we let this happen unchallenged, it will tear apart Indian society, weaken the nation, and India itself will fail by riots, civil war, and social upheaval.

Let’s start with Modernism:

In traditionalism, we accepted what was told to us by our society, parents, and authorities without questioning. To respect the culture, beliefs, and traditions. But with scientific revolution taking over the world in the last few hundred years, we started questioning these beliefs and customs. And a modern world emerged. Where, for example, you are not hiding during an eclipse, or believe the sun is going around the earth, or think women should be subservient to men. And this modernism has not even spread its goodness to half the world’s population, post-modernism has already arrived.

So what is post-modernism?

Modernism came about naturally as science expanded our minds and pushed us out of traditionalism, conservatism and fundamentalism. But post-modernism is the practice of forced questioning of every norm, practice, and idea in society. And tearing them apart as if it’s a hobby. Even if it destroys culture, countries, and entire civilizations. For example, if we believe there are two genders, post-modernism will try to question it and destroy it. Or in this case, if we believe in a festival like Holi, it questions it and tries to destroy it. It does so using various tools that force you to accept its beliefs, like cancel culture, or even prosecution if you address your daughter as “she”.

And what’s Critical Theory?

We can say post-modernism is the practical application of critical theory. So critical theory is a theory that challenges every social norm, practice, and culture to find power structures within them. Expose them. And dismantle them. But it is frequently being applied in a communist way, inventing power structures where none exist. Then blaming a group or authority for it. And fighting them to weaken them and destroy them. For example, in these attached images, they are inventing a casteism or classism power structure in a mythological story. And want to you believe Holi is casteism. So they do not just want you to dismantle Holi and destroy thousands of years of Indian culture, but also accept there’s casteism in it and fight against some group that they will allege is using Holi to subjugate you. It will find a following since there are definite inequalities in every society and oppressed groups who can be easily influenced.

So why did I bring in the communists?

The fundamental theory and practice of communists is to overthrow legitimate governments using ‘revolution’. They do this instigating class, race, and caste wars. Basically the communist manifesto says, go find any natural divide that exists in a society. For example, a homogeneous society like China will have a class divide (Mao exploited it very well). A heterogeneous society like the US will have race divide (some groups exploit it). And a society like India has many such divides, which can all be used in parallel and in an intersectional way, to create civil unrest, and bring down the government so the communist elites can take over, or meet their goals.

Critical theory is similar to communist theory in many ways. And the communists are exploiting it very well just like they exploited Marxist-Leninist theories. So post-modernists who are the revolutionaries operating on critical theory are being infiltrated by revolutionaries of the communist kind to destabilize and destroy nation states.

For example, we can see communist agents in BLM protests in the US. And BLM activists in communist infiltrated Anti-Asian racism protests. And you very well know who’s the biggest sponsor of communism in the world today. It’s China and they are very well using these critical theory activists and postmodernists to their advantage.

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