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  • Ananya Nandakumar

    Ananya Nandakumar

    A philomath, with varied interests in different fields.

  • Nandini Mehta

    Nandini Mehta

    I'm an undergraduate student pursuing BBA and my coaching for MBA and I feel that this is the very time that I start working on multidimensional fields.

  • Dan O

    Dan O

    Startup Guy, PhD AI, Kentuckian living in San Fran

  • Live It Well

    Live It Well

    • Certified Personal Trainer • Current Student @ the Institute for Integrative Nutrition • passionate about learning & teaching others about health & wellness

  • Robert D. Carver

    Robert D. Carver

  • Deborah Kokinos

    Deborah Kokinos

  • Maria Dal Secco

    Maria Dal Secco

  • Craig Mole

    Craig Mole

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