I forgot I had a Medium account

1 min readMar 8, 2021


Last month, I met a very interesting person. Someone interested in watching the night sky just like me, taking videos of rocket launches, and talking about the stars for hours together.

And they had something very interesting to say. A story on Pleiades and Ursa Major. It was a very interesting story indeed. They said they wanted to publish it and I recommended Medium. As I have been reading here for a long time. And I know it is a great place to publish and reach an audience.

Over the weeks, we have been talking a lot of Astronomy. When suddenly today they said they found me on Medium while publishing their story. I thought they must have followed a wrong person. As I don’t remember having a Medium account ever, though I regularly read here.

But to my surprise, this account is mine and it does exist. I was even able to login. So here I am writing my first story on Medium many years after I created an account. I think it is an interesting story as well. And a result of interesting people connecting with me in this Universe.