India's coal problems lag China's which I believe has artifically created a coal and energy crisis around the world hoarding coal and stopping production. They are offloading their Fx reservers in dollars too using this as a pretext And increassing coal demand and prices. This is what has come to hurt India. Russia is in the game too cutting energy supply to EU and UK which has long left coal for power is now back to using coal as well due to a fuel crisis. Recently, Shanxi province which produces coal was flooded. They claimed and made big news out of it saying it was because of the rains. But on closer observation we find it is that they have opened dams to flood the coal mines under the pretext of rains. All this points to an artificial coal crisis created which will make it into a bigger energy and fuel crisis around the World. Causing worldwide manufacturing issues and inflation. This will cause huge unrest in democracies. At the same time when there's a fuel crisis if they war with India they can probably win limitedly too. All this is part of their plan 2027 to become superpwoer. This is my view but yes you could be right in that all this is happening naturally.


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