Leftism, Elites, Politicians, CCP and the Post Modern World.

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Leftism and left-wing.

In the French assembly of the 18th century, those who sat on the left opposed the ‘’ of the Bourbon Monarchy. They supported the creation of a democratic secular republic. While those who sat on the right supported the monarchy and a religious state.

This was the beginning of the usage of the term left and right wing to describe the differing ideologies. Later, the term Left applied to several economic ideologies. This includes socialism, Marxism, and communism. And recently movements supporting civil rights, LGBT rights, gender equality, and other liberal ideologies labeled leftism and left-wing.

Leftism embodies liberal ideologies with an utopian vision for the world. A world where inequalities do not exist, we protect the rights of minorities, and we preserve the environment. People who follow leftism are genuinely good people with the best intentions for others and the world.

Defining the Elites.

Some people, like Dr. Abdul Kalam, had significant power as the former president of world’s largest democracy and enormous influence as a person. A billion people respected him and will do his bidding. One of the most powerful defense forces in the world was under his command.

But was he an elite? No. He was a very humble, down-to-earth person who did not use his power, influence, and resources to enrich himself. There are many people who are powerful in this world. We cannot term all of them as elite using the dictionary definition.

Here we define our elites as only those who want to enrich themselves with power, prestige, and profits at the cost of others, including their own fellow citizens and their nation itself.

These elites, using their power and money, can influence many pillars of our democracies. They can buy influence with government ministers to bureaucrats to media people. Some say even the justice system in many democracies gets aligned with such elite special interests.

‘Elites’, by our definition, have no morals, religion, or ideology. But are cunning people who only care for preserving and enhancing their own power, profits, and prestige. They seem to work above everyone else because they and their agents run the system.

Politicians in democracies.

Politicians in our democracies start out as social change leaders. But special interests have corrupted and rigged the system. Or basically it is the elites who run our democracies. From funding their campaigns to getting good media coverage, politicians need to rely on the elites to back them.

Hence, it is very difficult for honest politicians to win and thrive. Most politicians become puppets of elites and special interests. They are the law-makers in democracies but work for the elites. Their work for the public and the country is only as much as required to have some credibility.

The media coverage and propaganda takes care of most of their failings if they are good to their elite influences and special interests. They can continue to put up a straight face and do crooked things behind the scenes, helping the elites enrich themselves.

Enter the Dragon.

The CCP is the most powerful political party and the biggest cartel of elites in this world. But they come with a slight difference: The CCP elites are nationalists and believe in the supremacy of China and the Chinese race. They work for that interest first and only then for power, profit, and prestige.

In all its sophisticated and smart ways of enriching China and itself, the best is CCP’s infiltration into the network of elites in this world. The CCP understood the elites in democracies well, aligned its interests with them, and played to their strengths and weaknesses, putting most of them in its pocket.

By incentivizing the elites of the world with profits and other means, it made them China’s global agents. Controlling many democracies of the world as these elites control its politicians. Today, every major company’s CEO, oligarch, and wealthy person has interests in China.

Even leaders of some countries and many politicians in democracies seem to have interests in China. The CCP has smartly incentivized them to develop such interests. Sometimes by outright bribes and other nefarious means. All these elites do the CCP’s bidding directly or indirectly without concern about their own country’s interests.

Some good examples to illustrate this are companies like Facebook and Google. Their services are in fact banned in China but they seem to work for China’s interests rather than their own national interest. Their CEOs justify , . They block free speech in democracies . Such is the extent of CCP’s reach and influence.

The Post Modern World — How they all play together.

The CCP, the elites, and their extremists have now created a post-modern world. This world is anarchist in nature supporting each of these parties in their vested interests. Their post modern world wants to dismantle systems, including democracies, to let them have their way.

We saw how the CCP uses the elites of the west to gain influence and extend its own power. But once the CCP gets China to be a superpower, it will dump most of these foreign elites and rule the world itself with ‘Chinese characteristics’. Similarly, the elites of the world use leftism to extend their influence and gain power. But they themselves have no ideology or morals.

The elites infiltrate and influence leading universities, colleges, companies, and organizations to seed leftist ideals into the hearts of millions of students and young people. And portray some political leaders and ideology as the flag bearers of such left-wing ideology. Since left wing ideology is liberal and utopian, many progressive brains and kind hearts support them.

Young people easily get influenced by these ideals and become a force for these elites. The people who protest against governments and create anarchy think they are doing it for great causes towards an utopian world. But they are just being used by the elites to do their bidding, bringing political upheaval that suits them. They and their causes get dumped time and again by these elites once they achieve their political objectives.

The world doesn’t change after elite backed politicians (they are on both the left wing and right wing) take to power instead of populists. It remains the same, or worse gets into needless conflicts that profits the elites. But powerful propaganda constantly brainwashes the leftist crowds created in organizations sponsored by the elites. And it makes them believe things are all going great.

They also force some of the crowd to adopt an ideology by peer and organizational pressure. An Indian friend who works at Facebook told me “Speculating the virus came from a Chinese lab” is wrong and that’s why Facebook was taking down such posts. I asked him how? He said it leads to many racist incidents against Chinese in the US.

But the same friend was silent, like his company was, when China propagated news that the virus came from a US lab, or even India. They did not take such propaganda down as fake news. He justified the use of terms like “Indian virus” just because they named other variants after UK or Brazil. People like him are the sheep.

They have no ideology of their own and they can brainwash them easily into following their peers and institutions by carrot and stick method. Either by motivating using social acceptance bias or under the threat of getting ostracized by their herd. Like this, the elites have turned entire institutions and organizations into their armies.

Like many other things, the CCP have copied this system setup by the elites too. But like all things the Chinese copy, they do it on a grander scale. They have infiltrated universities, organizations, companies using their agents. They sent thousands of party members out to universities and companies not only to learn, teach, research, work, but also to influence.

Chinese student groups in universities, , decide what’s taught. Chinese agents become s and influence decision making on what projects , what ideology they follow, and what employees they recruit.

Just like how the elites of democracies used left-wing ideology to help enrich themselves, the CCP has successfully hijacked many left-wing issues like racism, socialism, equality, and climate change for the benefit of China. Worse, to suit their ascent to power in a postmodern world, they are radicalizing the left-wing to a great extent using to create an anarchist force in democracies, destabilize institutions, and dismantle democratic systems.

It is very important for people to realize how they are being played using political ideology. They need to understand leftism and leftist ideals are great in ideology. And are also great as tools in the hands of elites who mentally manipulate people for their profit. The elites can’t use right wing ideology like populism, or the CCP can’t use trade protectionism to herd the individualist and nationalist right-wing to work on behalf of them. That’s why they use the political left.

Beware, all these years the elites of our democracies left us alone with our rights and freedoms as long as they could enrich themselves. But the CCP, as it takes over the world, will enforce its own system and values on all of us. Which means and our democracies themselves if we allow them to keep using us.

It is time we the people do not allow them to bait us with ideological satisfaction and make us their force. It is time for the left and the right in democracies to work together, without getting polarized by these overlords controlling us, to take them on for our democracies and our rights.




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