Monday Musings on 4th October 2021

My musings on some news of the week.

3 min readOct 4, 2021

BBC “figures out” why Modi is so popular among Indian youth!

Screenshot from BBC News site

India’s millennials born between 1981–1996 form 400 million of India’s population it seems. Which means they are a huge vote bank for any politician. Forty percent of them had voted for Modi in 2019 in spite of 45-year unemployment highs it seems. So now a BBC correspondent from his cushy apartment has found out why, and their site has propagandized the reason as the second most read article today. The reason they claim for Modi’s popularity is he speaks Hindi it seems. Fair enough, you can’t win national elections without speaking Hindi. From Nehru to Rajiv to Vajpayee to even Sonia Gandhi, the Italian-Indian daughter-in-law of Nehru dynasty spoke Hindi. Seems like the elitist left, like the BBC, is running out of answers to why Modi is so popular. They don’t see what is right in front of them — Modi with his party and politics is cleaning up the country in many ways and giving citizens a sense of belonging to a great culture and country. Those on social media, like these millennials, will be in constant touch with what he’s doing. And will vote for him even in hungry stomach. For humans a sense of belonging and pride is more important than food and growth — which too isn’t as bad it is made out to be by elitist media with special interests. They need to do better with their propaganda. How about “Modi is doing genocide of 240 million farmers and Muslims” for next time?

P.S. He has managed to more than double his Muslim vote share in two elections.

China seems to be preparing for war

Screenshot of Guardian story on China’s power cuts

Power cuts. Factory halts. Chip shortage. Ship pile up. Debt crises of many Chinese companies. What do all have in common? They happened in China over the last two weeks. Not to mention increase of Chinese troops and build up along Indian border and extremely provocative intrusions into Taiwan frequently. China is preparing for war. So should the world be. For people like us this would mean investing in metals and crypto. Stocking up on fuel and commodities including essential medicines. And preparing for power outages and fuel shortages. For countries this would mean actually preparing for war. Especially India and Taiwan must be ready. India actually need not be ready if it can threaten nuking China into a ‘toilet-less poor shit-hole’ that India is as some racist Chinese believe. That threat must be enough to stop the CCP/PLA from any misadventure. But Taiwan must be really wary. It really can’t believe the US under Biden, I believe. The CCP is right on this. Hence to fight an easy war like this, it is using power cuts to rejig factory lines and prepare people for living without power.