The Aliens are here. The Authorities need to reveal them soon.

Just kidding, but there’s something interesting out there.

3 min readJun 7, 2021
Photo by Thanh Nguyen on Unsplash

Recently, I had conversations with a friend who believe they are an alien. They even believe they came from the Proxima Centauri system.

While it has been fun playing along with that story, it surprised me to know they did not know about the news of an earth-like planet possibly harboring aliens in the Proxima system. I realized they weren’t telling their story knowing that news. And it rang some bells in my head.

That’s when I concluded my arm chair diagnosis of slight Autism (It’s most probably a case of mild Asperger Syndrome within ASD). Since, along with their alien fantasies, I noticed their other ASD traits like gifted intelligence but less developed social skills. Including difficultly in developing friendship, seeking shared enjoyments, and showing emotional reciprocity.

It is common for young people with ASD to believe they are aliens from some planet. And having what’s now dubbed as the “wrong planet syndrome”. There’s even a famous community that caters to such people. But we grow out of it. I said ‘we’ because I was having such fantasies myself until the age of 25.

I still have alien fantasies. But they have now become limited to aliens coming to take me on their ship (can be a sign of ASD). Of course, the belief in aliens existing and coming to earth never ceases for me. I have filled a decade of my Facebook posts with predictions of when it will happen and what they will do.

Though by the age of 30, I grew out of such fantasies (as probably my ASD abilities got dumb down by the mundane life on this planet), I could not leave aside my firm belief in aliens existing. The Proxima Centauri b exoplanet discovery in 2016, of course, cemented my belief.

2020 was a year of disaster. From the virus China let loose — at the very least they mismanaged a natural outbreak. So shut up if you don’t agree to what I just said — to travel restrictions and lock downs that came later, life became hell on planet earth. The worst affected were social misfits like me who took pleasure in travel and exploration of this silly planet and its boring beings.

But for all the mental misery 2020 was, towards the end of the year, there were three news items that gave me some excitement. One was the left mainstream media and their “authority sources” accepting and showing footage of UFOs. Second was former US President Trump’s order to release classified information on UFOs.

The third news was the most riveting and exciting when I heard it. This came on December 20th, 2020. Most mainstream media skipped it except The Guardian which leaked it. The news was that Proxima Centauri was sending us a 984 MHz signal. There was no man-made explanation to it, it didn’t look natural and most scientists believe it was of alien origin.

As soon as the news came out, it got buried too in mainstream media. None of my friends, even those who keenly follow science and tech news, heard of it. But then the $100 million Breakthrough Listen Project with many top scientists on board discovered this and released the news.

They have designated the signal which comes with no frequency modulation as BLC-1 candidate. And speculatively, because of its frequency shifts, scientists believe it is from the revolving Proxima Centauri b planet. That could very well mean aliens are around on Proxima b sending us the signal.

Because there’s no natural phenomenon we know of that could do that. Astronomers probably know this is indeed a sufficiently advanced alien civilization sending us a signal. Yet, I think they don’t want us to panic. At least until they get a response to the signals they sent. That should take eight years minimum (Proxima b is 4.2 light years away).

The Aliens are definitely here — whether it is my friend’s fantasy, the friend itself, or the intelligence behind the many UFOs we see in media. It would be good if the authorities reveal the truth soon. So beings like me can rest in peace: That one more intuitive thing our autistic brains always knew, but people thought was a conspiracy, turned out to be true again.