Unrestricted War: How it unfolds.

A poem for our times.

2 min readApr 29, 2021
Just a random photo of some military colonel talking about unrestricted warfare. Source: Reddit.

Winning without fighting;
An ancient thing from Peking.
Is out now playing,
If you are really seeing.

Sponsoring internal strife and insurgents.
Factories burning and farm pathogens.
Weaken countries with biological agents.
Deprive them of demographic dividends.

Wave after wave, disasters out of thin air;
Cyber war, fire, and sabotaging infrastructure.
Accidents in nuclear, dams, and all that’s rare;
Disasters weaken a Govt that dares to stare.

Infiltrate borders after creating crisis situations;
If there’s a fight back, call it creating distractions.
A propaganda fed purposefully to confuse citizens;
Through sponsored media and political persons.

Economic war using cyber, trade and other means;
Currency hit. Banking collapse. The Country leans.
Classic communist means triggering civil clashes;
Seeding divides using races, castes, and classes.

Fake news, fake videos of leaders, and fake audios.
Can make the government topple like dominoes.
Infiltrate, influence and weaken democracies.
When they are weak enough, declare supremacy.

If they still fight, let loose the mutated clones.
Radiation, Robots, Satellites, and Drones.
There’s no dearth of unconventional weapons.
To make all succumb and pay obeisance.

This is an unrestricted war;
To be the world’s only superpower.

Yet there’s a way out if you are smarter.
Burn and die, but fight the monster.

Use your power, unleash supreme fear.
Because its single system is doomed for failure.
Democracies will weather, countries will recover.
There’s still hope, but it’s now or never!