Vaccine Wars

1 min readMar 15, 2021


Every major country,
Any world power, or to be,
Wants to have a vaccine.

Then there’s big pharma,
Profiting without dharma.
Be it Pfizer, J&J or Moderna.

And the evil kingdom.
‘Central’ they sing in tandem.
Hacking and stealing for stardom.

Power players ripping apart,
At a global vaccination effort.
Sadly, right from the start.

Fake news and blood clots,
Sudden fires and halts.
You can connect the dots.

Scares and scare mongers.
Bad vaccine swatches,
Or is it hacked batches?

We don’t know the answer.
But the agents of the country center,
In the EU, SEA, and further.

Say they will now suspend.
A vaccine the British defend,
And the Indians freely extend.

For they have already given,
Each more than 10 million.
The very same vaccination.

EU, SEA, and the herd.
Of the evil shepherd,
That doesn’t claim their dead.

Need to put more effort.
To ward off this evil spirit,
And the culpable culprit.

…Of the Vaccine Wars.

India needs to carefully test.
Every batch, and the next.
For India’s success they detest.

From inserting a fake one,
To changing composition.
And halting production.

The evil one is surely capable.
To make all lives miserable.
So it can be center of the World.