What if I write a Medium story a day?

Ganesha writes the Mahabharata non-stop as dictated by Vyasa non-stop as requested by Ganesha to be recited non-stop. Or else, he said, he will run away with the manuscript.

I had written a story yesterday about how I forgot I had this Medium account. And how I was pointed to it by an acquaintance. After much grey matter jogging, I realized I had joined Medium long ago. In fact, very soon after it was launched.

Medium at the time I remember was a different place. It wasn’t the way it looks now and I didn’t have any interest writing here I guess. But it seems to have changed a lot in terms of publishing. While I have always liked reading here on Medium, I now love this interface for publishing stories.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the stats I got for my little story yesterday. It seems to have got good traction within Medium and even outside. Not what I would have expected. And now I see there’s a paid partnership program for good content writers. That’s cool.

So am thinking why not start publishing here on Medium regularly. In fact, I will publish everyday for a week to test the waters. If the organic traffic remains as good as I have seen, along with some feedback in claps and comments, I would probably take up writing here seriously.

I have a lot of things to say about a lot many topics. So this blog may not be on one topic or category. I imagine it would become a cornucopia of stories on many things under the sun and far from it. But broadly, it should be under four or five different topics am passionate about.

Keep watching my medium blog and give me your feedback in comments.



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